Stay tuned to our enrollment dates. You can find it in our website (www.sedadream.com)and you also can register in www.sedacollege.com to receive our newsletter and information about Ireland.
The first stage is the application, followed by the submission of documents and files. Within 15 days after the end of the registrations, the candidate will receive the first response. If approved at this stage, they will receive the details for the second stage, that is the online interview. Within 15 days after the interview, they will receive an email with the final answer.
In this first moment, our scholarships are aimed at those who have not had the experience of studying English abroad .
We're glad that you want to study with us, but the scholarships are aimed at those who have not had the experience of studying English abroad.
The candidate only need to have completed 18 years until the arrival date.
They will have access to all social activities and extra classes offered at SEDA. We have an extensive program, with over 560 hours of extra activities per year. The student can also subscribe to our Internship Programme.
You will be required to follow the rules of the country. At SEDA College we want to make a difference for those who want to improve their lives, so you will have to maintain a monthly average score of 70% in language skills as "speaking, reading & writing". Your attendance in class can notbe less than 85% during the duration of the course. Failure to meet these criteria may result in the expulsion of the student.
Yes, you will have the same rights as any student.
You will have a year to arrive in Dublin. This date should be agreed with the school, in order to check the availability of rooms and classrooms.
We will determine the number of places offered in every stage of selection.
Full scholarships will be offered. We will also offer a partial scholarship and the value will be determined by the Direction.
The SEDA College Scholarship Programme regards only the English Course. The student will be responsible for other costs, such as travel and accommodation, since the scholarship programme does not receive any support from government or other institution
Yes, you can participate in all classes and activities, just remember, there are some programmes with limit space, but just be aware of the inscription.
For the selection process, yes. The scholarship is valid just for just one term.
Of course you can! We are an institution for education and we believe in our methodology and work, so all English levels will be well accepted.
We have seasons by region and if you are already registered to our newsletter, you will be informed of new opportunities.
You can send the documents according to your native language or the country in question, for example: The process for Chile, documents and interview in Spanish, the process for Brazil, documents and interview in Portuguese.
The Registration is a way to start your process and demonstrate your interest in the scholarship. This does not guarantee your inclusion in the selection process, but you have a subscription with us and you will receive our newsletter. For this stage we do not have limited spaces.Next we have the application process. This is where you send your documents, CV and letter. The application process has a closing date by region and a limited number of places. The amount of applicants will vary according to the season and resources. In the first season, we have 200 places.Check the official program page for dates and details.